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Get the glow: Luna Bronze’s natural and sunless self-tan

We all know that one of the biggest quirks of formal is seeing all your girlfriends rocking up to school the day of with that tell-tale orange hue and trailing the unpleasant smell of fake tan behind them as they walk to classes. We also know that trying to convince a girl that they don’t need to coat their body in fake bronze to look just as good at formal or parties is an impossible feat, but thankfully a natural and delicious-smelling alternative has presented itself to us and we’re here to share this thankful secret. Thank god it’s here just in time to save our pasty skin from the dreaded and sunless winter months.

Unlike a lot of other tanning products on the market, which use chemicals to dye the skin that sort-after glowing bronze, Australia-based skincare brand Luna Bronze derives their tanning effect from plants, such as sugar cane, and is 100% natural. With organic ingredients such as rosehip oil, goji berry extract and jojoba seed oil, it is much better for your skin and therefore not only gives you a gorgeous caramel glow, but a hydrated and healthy one too. The Luna Bonze tanning lotion also smells so subtle compared to other fake tans, containing ingredients like mandarin, lemon myrtle and orange blossom to impart a fresh and fruity scent. Gone are the days of feeling embarrassed as you can smell the stench of your fake tan waft to unsuspecting near-by noses, especially when using their moisturising lotion, which smells so good you could bathe in it!

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If you’re feeling just as intrigued as we were at the idea of a natural and organic self-tanning lotion and are enticed by the prospect of perfuming your skin with a deliciously citrus scent, rather than the wet-dog odour of fake tan, hit up Luna Bronze’s website for more information or to visit their online store.


Happy tanning x

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