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DIY: Formals Make-up and Hair Tutorial


For all those girls out there who want to do their own make-up and hair for formal, either for the fun and ease of it or to save on formal costs, the team at Formals Magazine have collaborated with two talented young SA girls to bring you a gorgeous and bronzed make-up and hair tutorial! Still students themselves, we thought they would be the perfect candidates to give their own helpful tips and tricks on how to create an easy yet glamourous formal look at home.

So click play to learn how to create this fool-proof bronzy makeup look with glam waves for yourself, and then scroll down below to see our interview with our talented hair stylist, Priya, and make-up artist, Ella.



Meet Ella (Makeup Artist):

What was the inspiration behind starting your own makeup tutorial channel?

I was inspired to start my own YouTube channel for makeup because I have always admired the hardworking and talented artists that I watch on YouTube and I aspire to be like them. As well as creating makeup looks, I also love filming and editing videos!

Have you always had a passion and talent for makeup? And if not, how did you learn so much about doing makeup?

I have been interested in makeup for many years, however, I became passionate about doing my own makeup and other peoples when I started watching YouTubers. I have learnt everything I know from YouTube and Instagram, as well as lots of practice!

What are your best tips and tricks for girls wanting to do their own makeup for formal?

I would recommend to definitely practice the makeup look at least once prior to the day of formal to ensure that you are familiar with the look and like it! Also make sure that you work within your skill set and keep the look simple to minimize mistakes.

Do you have any current favourite makeup looks for formal? Or someone who inspires the looks you choose for your clients?

My current favourite formal makeup look is definitely a gold pigment on the lid with glowy and bronzed skin. I love Inglot and Mac pigments for  eyeshadows. Makeup artists such as Shani Grimmond and Jasmine Hand inspire my looks for clients.

Follow Ella on Instagram @ellachapleymua


Meet Priya (Hair Stylist):

What’s Your background in hair styling?

My background is studying at the Adelaide Tafe campus, I have now completed my certificate two and three, watching videos and practicing on my friends and myself.

Have you always had a passion and talent for hair dressing/styling?

Yes, ever since I was little I always loved braiding my own hair, and from there I guess my passion had grown. I will always love going to get my hair done; getting a new cut or getting it styled will always make me feel good about myself. I have always been very fussy with the way my hair is for myself and I feel a lot more confident having it nicely done.

My main passion is styling and I want other people to feel as confident and brave even if it starts with a simple hair cut or crazy colour or just a styling. I love making people feel amazing about themselves. I love trying out new trends and styles and styles whether it means trying the ombre look or cutting my hair short or trying extensions. I guess being in the hair business you have to be bold enough to try different looks as it is a very creative job and I like being able to stretch my creativity with different people. Seeing people who are bold enough to try new things and express their personalities – that’s why I love the hair industry

What are your best tips and tricks for girls wanting to do their own hair for formal?

KEEP IT SIMPLE. If you have decided on doing your own hair at home, I recommend to keep it simple with either straight or curled/wavy hair. If you are unable to go to a salon, get a friend to help even if they have no knowledge of hair styling as often you just can’t reach the back without this help.

I think if girls keep it simple or add a braid or a fishtail with their hair down, it will look really pretty. If you’re able to do a fishtail or braid, you can transform something so simple into something so elegant. You can also do simple buns just using a donut bun ring, as this creates an elegant and classy look, and for extra glamour you can add a simple plait in the bun too. A simple pony tail is also easily achieved with curls or dead straight hair, as long as you have enough hair spray to hold it, and just make sure you hide the elastic under a layer of hair or use either a clear one or one closest to your hair colour. I believe the simpler the hair, the more elegant you’re going to look as you want the outfits, makeup, accessories and hair all complementing one another.

Do you have any current favourite hairstyle looks for formals?

My favourite looks are:

  • Short straight bobs which are dead straight, just under the ear/chin length
  • The curly ‘beachy look’ on both short and long hair
  • Layering long hair to either thing or add volume when it is curled, pinned back or braided for events
  • I also like ombre hair colours. I have seen this on people with shorter hair that is black and then goes to deep red and this looks best curled, also dark to light blondes and pale pinks looks great if done right and can look stunning for events.
  • A lot of updoes are very stunning, whether they are curly buns or tight ponytails.

Follow Priya on Instagram @designhairbypriya


If you’re also an Adelaide student with a talent you’d like to share or are interested in collaborating with us on a tutorial, send a message to our Facebook page @formalsmagazine

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