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Lips vs Eyes

Deciding on your face for formal is surprisingly difficult, as so many decisions must be made! Too much drama can clutter a look and that’s why this rivalry can be a huge life saver.

Having a bright lippy and dramatic eyes can sometimes confuse a look; especially for those who do not wear tones of makeup on the regular (e.g. me). Eyes and lips at once can be too much sometimes because the lips and eyes are contesting for attention!

LIPS vs EYES, so who do you choose?

Because only the lips can speak on their behalf, these celebs can do the convincing for both eyes and lips:

TEAM EYES: Solange Knowles (who loves to dabble in each team!), Rihanna (also a dabbler), Rowan Blanchard (Girl Meet World star), Beyonce Knowles in her infamous green eye shadow, and Margo Robbie who’s eyes may not be dramatic but are sure glittery, shimmery and glossy!

TEAM LIPS: Solange, Rihanna, Margo Robbie and Kylie Jenner.



Who needs to opt for the traditional eyeshadow look? Why not try to brave something different like these celebs!?


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