Light it up: A Look into Awe-Inspiring Formal Set-Ups

Image: Adelaide Convention Centre’s glittering chandelier lighting-option


We at Formals Magazine believe that lighting is the secret ingredient to creating a beautiful ambience and set-up for any school formal. Strings of fairy lights and glowing lanterns subtly lighting up flowing drapes of fabric – these are the recipes you need for wowing your classmates as they walk into a magical formal venue. Luckily, to save you the hassle of organising the perfect lighting vibe, the crews at the Adelaide Convention Centre and Adelaide Entertainment Centre have your décor needs covered.

With the Adelaide Convention Centre’s own theming crew and a wide selection of carefully decorated lighting and set-up ideas, it means that all the décor-inspiration you’re looking for is already available and ready-to-go at your formal venue. And of course, special props must go to their new dance floor-covering chandelier. Streaming from the ceiling like a glittering fountain, this amazing lighting option screams Gatsby-style decadence.

Continue scrolling below for the ultimate lighting inspiration thanks to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, whose work with Venue Productions and other décor companies on formal theming brings their formal decorating game to the next level as well.

(For more information about these two formals venues and their gorgeous decorating options, contact the ACC at or the AEC at

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