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Top 3 Travel Tips for these July School Holidays!

In the current July school holidays, many of you will be running from the cold Australian weather to go on a sunny holiday getaway. Maybe it’s your first time travelling overseas or maybe you’re a seasoned traveller. These travel hacks and tips will help any type of traveller who is thinking of dusting and digging up their passports this school holidays!


1. Plane Comfort; making sure that you are as comfortable as possible for your overseas travels with little effort and money.


20182872_1571035509583995_2067282470_nWhat to wear:

Tank top

Depending on where you are landing, chances are that if you’re stopping over in Dubai or going on a short holiday to Bali when you land it will be humid. As soon as you get off the plane, you’re going to want to shed a little skin in the scorching heat of your summer getaway.

Wireless bra

On long plane flights, you’re definitely going to want to have a nap. Sure, if you normally sleep with a wired bra at home then feel free. But to all the girls out there who as soon as they get home chuck off the bra and put on a hoodie, you should seriously consider in investing in a wireless sport bra.

This may sound crazy, but the wire in your bra can also show register on sensitive security scanners, which can lead to a body check. I can tell you… it’s not the most comfortable thing.

Stretchy leggings/yoga pants

When you’re sitting down on a plane for hours on end, stiff and scratchy jeans are probably not the best thing for ideal comfort. In my opinion, wearing black yoga or exercise pants on the plane makes you feel refreshed, less sweaty and sticky and even helps with swelling in the lower legs.

Your best warm, fluffy jumper

Due to the amount of people in an enclosed and small space on the plane, the air conditioners are on full blast all the time. So, it is cold nearly all of the time. On most long distance flights, airlines do supply you with thin blankets but a big, fluffy and comfortable hoodie can make all the difference.


2. Packing; travel musts for optimal plane and holiday comfort.


Carry- On Musts:

A packet of tissues

Going to the supermarket and buying a small packet of travel tissues is one of the most convenient things you will find the need to use on the plane. Getting stuck in the middle seat with a runny nose in the middle of the night and having to climb over the sleeping passengers next to you isn’t convenient.

Passport folder

One of the most, THE most, important thing to have when travelling overseas (it might be hard to get back into the country otherwise). To make sure that you know where it is at all times, getting a passport folder big enough to fit important documents, your passport and plane tickets helps to keep everything all together when travelling.

A pen

Though it may sound silly, a pen can be one of the most inconvenient things to find on a plane when you really need it. When leaving and entering Australia, you are required to fill out a little square piece of paper. This is preferably done before you get on the plane when leaving Australia, and on the plane when entering. Flight attendants are unusually reluctant to lend you a pen, so it’s much easier to come prepared.

3. Language Tips; helpful words for hailing taxi’s and making your way around airports. Though, many people (especially airport staff) do speak English most of the time.



• Exit/Entry (walking), commonly used in airports = Ausgang/ Eingang

20206174_1571038249583721_1012721038_nHow to hail a cab = Ein Taxi, bitte! (A taxi, please!)

Where to go… = Wo liegt… (Where is…)


• Exit/Entry, commonly used in airports = Entrée/Sortie

How to hail a cab = Un taxi, s’il vous plaît! (A taxi, please!)

Where to go… = Où est le…(Where is the…)


• Exit/Entry, commonly used in airports = Salida/Entrada

How to hail a cab = Un taxi por favor! (A taxi, please!)

Where to go = Dónde está… (Where is…)

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