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The Night Before Formal

Like any major event in your life, there is the excitement, the planning and the waiting before finally the day arrives. With all the excitement and some panic before your formal, it is easy to forget the basic steps you need to take the night before your next formal.

Step 1: Have what you a wearing already altered and hanging loosely at the site of where you plan to get ready. Crease lines and last minute outfit changes are not formal appropriate so be sure that whatever your wearing is fitted and looking fresh prior to the day.

Step 2: Have all beauty appointments for the day booked in advance and plan what your day will consist of. To avoid the rush of the day make a plan for when you are due for your make up, nails, tan or hair. Remember, beauty takes time and cannot be rushed.

Step 3: Just like your outfit, have all accessories (including bag and shoes) next to your dress and ready to go. Simply for organisation.

Step 4: Stay hydrated. Tomorrow is a big day, which means you need to stay hydrated and maybe take a multi vitamin. These small changes to your routine will have you looking and feeling fresher on formal day.

Step 5: Have a good nights rest. Opt to go to bed early on this night to promote being well rested, having better skin and of course no bags under your eyes!

Step 6: Have all travel arrangements planned for the day. This is important, as you need to allow time for traffic and be ready for when things don’t go to plan, yep it happens…

Step 7: Stay positive. Eliminate stress and try to think about the day as less of a rush and as an exciting time by doing something that you love. Light a candle, listen to music, text your friends, pick out your Instagram filters or purchase a LuMee case! If you have the first 6 steps covered your day will work out just fine.

Happy formalities xscreen-shot-2016-10-24-at-3-32-40-pm

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